Representation by a Realtor®

When you work with a Realtor®, please note that some agents work with Buyers as Buyer’s Agents, thereby representing the Buyer, while others work as Seller’s Agents, thereby representing the Seller. As a Buyer if you work with a Buyer’s Agent, any and all information about your personal situation and what you are willing to spend on a particular property is confidential. With a Seller’s agent, any personal information or any statement you make on how much you will spend on a property, by law, will be disclosed to the Seller!

So when you hire a Realtor®, ensure that the Realtor® presents you with a Disclosure Form 443, defining and stating to you whether or not he or she represents the Buyer or the Seller. You will sign the form so there is written disclosure as to whom the Realtor® represents. This signed disclosure protects you!

You must understand how the verbal and written information you provide to that Realtor® will be used, as it could be used in your best interest or, believe it or not, against your best interest. Please understand that by signing this form it does not obligate you to use this agent, nor does it mean you have to pay a commission. It is only a disclosure that defines who the Realtor® represents during your real estate search and transaction.

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