Property Inspection

Once you have an ‘acceptable offer’, the buyer will proceed with a property inspection. This is usually scheduled to be completed within 48 hours of the accepted offer. It is highly recommended that the Purchasers be present at the inspection so they can experience and see firsthand any deficiencies the property may have.

The Buyer should receive a written report at the inspection, but no later than 48 hours after the inspection. This is not the time to try to renegotiate just to get the property at a lower price. However, if there are any items that the Purchaser feels are important enough that the seller needs to repair and/or replace, then your Realtor® will negotiate those items for you. But remember, the longer the repair list and/or how trivial the item, the Seller may refuse and just sell to another Buyer.

In addition, depending on the situation, a specialist (ex: a plumber for a plumbing issue) may be called in to supply additional information. As a rule of thumb, if wood-destroying insects are found, the Seller is usually responsible for all extermination. Or, if there is a buried oil tank and the tank fails an inspection, by federal law, the Seller is responsible to ‘cure’ the failure. Therefore, please make sure that you only attempt to negotiate items very important to you in order to keep the transaction flowing quickly and efficiently.

The inspections usually take two to four hours to complete. The inspections may include some or all of the following:

General inspection (structural, basements, water leaks, roofs, heat and air conditioning, plumbing, electric, mechanical, etc.)

Wood-destroying insect inspection

Radon test, (if applicable – this may take five to seven days to procure results)

Septic inspection, (where applicable)

Buried oil tank test, (where applicable)

Well water test (where applicable). In Westchester County, the Seller is responsible to take this test and provide the results to any Purchaser. (This may take five to seven days to procure results.)

Other, if applicable: Mold, lead paint, formaldehyde insulation, asbestos, lead pipes, etc.

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