Solving the MLS Riddle: What It Is and How It Works

The Multiple Listing Service is essentially a huge database that includes every home listed for sale throughout the entire region. Many Realtors® would have you believe they are the only ones with access to this information. The truth is, any licensed real estate professional has access to the MLS and can give you information about any house that is listed for sale.

This is important, because house ads are designed to generate hot leads for Realtors®. If you did not know that any other licensed real estate professional can provide information regarding the advertised home, chances are you are going to call the agent who advertised the house.

Here is the problem: You are choosing your real estate presentation by default. You know nothing about this agent, other than the fact that he or she advertised a house that piqued your interest.

The best alternative is to have a Realtor® with whom you have built a strong relationship. Just as you would with a doctor, accountant or lawyer; they should be someone you know you can trust and are comfortable with. When this happens, the next time you see John Doe advertising a house, you know you can call your personal Realtor® if you have any questions. As a result, you know you can trust the information they will give you, you didn’t contact a complete stranger, and you will most likely avoid being added to yet another unsolicited mailing list.

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