Squeezing Every Last Dollar From Your Home Sale

The ‘secret’ to making top dollar when you sell your home isn’t really a secret at all; I’ve been ‘revealing’ it to my clients for years. But because it involves a lot of discipline and elbow grease, many decide to cut corners, and that’s when the price you could command begins to drop.

Do not be one of those people. During my years in real estate, I’ve seen countless examples where well-considered and well-placed investments of time and a little money have dramatically improved the sales price and increased the speed in which a home has sold.

But even when you don’t recoup all the money you have invested into upgrades, many improvements can give you an important edge over other homes on the market. And the failure to make some improvements can leave you at a distinct disadvantage as buyers when you compare your home with the competition. Believe me, I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

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