Making the Best Impression When Selling Your Home

When it comes to preparing your home for sale, there are plenty of tricks you can use to improve your home’s interior that will push emotional buttons in prospective buyers:

Just as in preparing the outside, a coat of paint can literally make the difference between a sale and no sale. Be sure to stick to neutral colors, white or off-white. This will have a tendency to make everything look new, clean and bright.

Be sure to paint everything; inside of the closets and cabinets, etc. If a prospective buyer opens a door and sees dirty walls or shelves, you’ve just wasted the advantage you had gained by painting in the first place.

Like painting, new carpeting should also be in a neutral shade. This helps buyers visualized their own furniture in your home.

Wallpaper – like wall colors – makes a personal statement about the owner’s tastes. Remove it; buyers want to visualize what they would do with your house, and wallpaper gets in the way of their dreaming.

Many buyers value good wood floors, so sand and refinish yours if they can be restored, otherwise, consider new flooring. If your home is short on storage space, consider how you can add shelving, cabinets or other storage systems to remedy this deficiency. You may also consider replacing windows and doors with more energy-efficient models.

Taken individually, each of the above improvements may not seem like much, but you’ll find that the cumulative effect of fixing even relatively minor problems will be dramatic. A crack n the wall, a carpet stain or a light switch that doesn’t work can send a negative signal that results in the loss of a buyer. I’ve seen it happen.


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