When You’re Ready to Sell; Room-by-Room Improvements – Bedrooms and Bathrooms


New fixtures, wall tile and flooring can make a big difference. If the bathtub is in poor shape, you can replace it, but a less expensive option may be to re-enamel. If you keep the old tub, at least regroup and rechalk. A good bathroom remodel or expansion can easily return more than 100 percent of cost when you sell.

If you’re feeling ambitious, adding a half-bath or a second bath to a one-bathroom house is another option, space allowing. Whatever the family size, one bathroom never seems quite adequate for most families.


For most, the master bedroom is the third most important room in the house. If you have a large home with four or five small bedrooms and the floor plan allows for it, you might consider combining two rooms into a master bedroom. If you have a two- or three-bedroom home and a decent size lot, you may consider adding another bedroom.


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