When Selling Your Home – Remodeling Trends to Watch!

The Great Room –

A more recent hot remolding trend is the ‘great room’, combining the kitchen, dining and family rooms into one larger living area. While lagging behind kitchen and bath remodels, it is definitely a trend on the rise. Living rooms, family rooms and formal dining rooms on the other hand, are diminishing in popularity.

The Home Office –

This is yet another relatively new trend. With more home-based businesses and more companies allowing employees to telecommute, more people are looking for office-ready space in their homes. A recent survey conducted by Builder Magazine found that nearly one-third of all buyers in their 20s, 30s and 40s plan to use a room as a home office. Other rooms that are showing up on more buyers’ wish lists are exercise and media rooms.

Fireplace and Elaborate Security System Installations –

You can find professionals who will argue for and against forth of these projects, but with concerns about home safety on the rise, security systems appear to be moving into the desirable column.

Many of these projects are relatively inexpensive and will easily pay for themselves. With some projects you may not recoup your investment, but you will have removed impediments to a sale. If you don’t take care of things like leaky plumbing, drafty windows or outdated light fixtures, you’re giving a buyer ammunition to sue against you during negotiations.


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